“Dear Carol, Thank you for a great call dealing with something that I am very familiar with. Getting overwhelmed with all there is to do, feeling like I should be more productive or accomplish something. Or I am going to get too far behind and miss opportunities. I feel guilty for relaxing. I could feel the knots in my stomach as I released with the caller that was working. This sinking feeling. Then after we did the release I was able to get all neutral and realized it was ok. I went to work and it really helped. I stayed calm when things could have been a loss. I could see obvious solutions that weren’t previously there. Anyway, thank you so much. You are as clear headed and as wise as ever. Lots of love” Marjory

“Carol is a master . . . she’s brilliant at honing in on core issues. She has helped me undo patterns that years of therapy didn’t touch.” J.B. Life Coach

“Carol has helped me with her in-depth, eclectic self-exploration which has given her the intuition and a laser beam ability to get to the core of a false belief that holds destructive patterns in place. She has helped me see with crystal clarity the truth of who I really am. This awareness quickly dissolved long standing suffering. The same stressful job doesn’t bother me as much; I’m less tense and more flexible with change; I am happier and more content. What more could you want?” K.P. Writer


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