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Present Mind


Yuan Gong is an easy, practical method of using gentle movements, postures, and breathing exercises to increase vitality, dissolve tension, and relieve pain.

Commonly translated from Chinese to mean “life energy cultivation,” Qigong is about cultivating peace and joy in the body and mind to counteract the physical and mental stresses and routine of daily life. In other words, it’s about feeling good.

Middendorf Breath Work

Middendorf Breath Work* establishes a sense of oneness with your breath through presence and sensation. You will learn to give up controlling the breath and allow it to guide, heal, balance, and integrate your life.

Carol Small has 35 years of experience in the healing arts. She is most widely known for assisting people in releasing stressful and self-limiting beliefs in order to reveal the true self. She now incorporates the science of breath in her work with individuals, couples, classes and workshops.