Sharing the Love

By on February 3, 2017

Offering a session, by donation only, for the month of February for new clients.

 Everyone is contributing in their own way to try to help in the current climate of grief and disbelief of how there can be so much sense of separateness and fear based bigotry.  When the individual sees themselves as separate from everything and everyone there can be an attempt to protect and defend our position, our own self-interest.  When we become aware of our sameness and how our essence is oneness this fear can dissipate.   I have been working with clients for the last 25 years to promote the realization of the truth of who we are and when we rest as the awareness instead of the content which we identify with, we experience and sense of equality and unconditional love.  I am offering to work with any new client for the whole month of February, the love month, for donation only.  


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