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By on December 3, 2014

Our needs are provided, our wanting turned into having.

Jane: I am having thoughts about the man I told you about. It’s sticky-what to do about these repetitive thoughts that circulate?

Carol: Thought gets interpreted and comes usually from memory.  Thought just arises from programming, repeated, or memory or inspiration which comes as a result of resting as presence.  I “think” that answers your question.  🙂 Just a thought,  maybe clear the wanting and then see if you are still interested.

Jane: OK that worked.  Laughing! And…what about wanting things like – be fully employed by the end of the year?  Things I don’t just want but need?

Carol: In my opinion things we need are automatic.  Things we want are to be cleared.

Jane: What does automatic mean?

Carol: automatic is a given.  What we need is provided before we ask. It is called trust.  Magical concept.

Jane: wow

no, really, wow

Carol: Silly girl, of course.  We just may not agree. on what is a need?

Jane: 😉  please say it isn’t so

Carol: Laughing…..please say what isn’t so?

A need can be seen as the way of life as it flows. It is always the best way even if we can’t see the whole picture at the time. We may not get something we want and then come to find out something better shows up or we can have a disappointment and recognizing we are carried the outcome is always kind.  We could die but who is to say that isn’t the kindest.  AS it goes for you it may help to look at the way life has always carried you.  The life wants to express itself and give in to that and the ride is amazing.

Jane: That’s nice.

And…I still struggle with the fear…Like just a few minutes ago.  I wanted to take a break because I felt tired, just a rest.  (I have anemia and this happens sometimes).  But there is something important I need to finish today (and that I feel uncomfortable doing) so I freak out taking a rest.


Hear the resistance?

How to trust that if I let go, something else will take over & do what must be done through me?

Hmmm I am so glad I am writing this down, because it makes me really notice what is going on

I actually got freaked out about finances, that is what froze me…Fast forwarding to worse case scenario hmmmm

Actually noticing what I am worried about lets me make some choices.  Hmmm

I forget creative tension is holding where I am AND the direction of my vision.

Thanks for this exchange sweetheart.  xx J

Carol: Fear is just the door way to sit with and let it move it’s way not yours.  Take a rest or don’t, still feel the push… pull of it all.  Right action comes in when we are at rest with an action.  Action that is frantic, clear the frantic first and see what action is there. Resting will give the direction that is warranted.

Just ask who this choice maker is.  When you don’t find one the “choice” is just clear path revealing itself. No me equals no chooser.

Jane: Damn girl!!! Your nondoer is on fire!!!

Wow wow

Hard to believe sometimes, no? That’s why we grip the pen?

Carol: laughing some more.  Yes, that is the grip of the pen.  It gets easier to trust especially when the evidence is undeniable.

Jane: easier to trust, i like the sound of that.  seems like ease is the doorway.  yet cant force ease.  it’s like a tongue twister.

i wonder what it would feel like if i trusted?  what would happen?


I want to get to know that non-me me better !


Carol: Then rest and notice what is there when all content is gone. This alert awareness. That which doesn’t go after a thought or feeling or memory passes.  It is so obvious and common that it is missed. Ordinary awareness.

That was fun, huh?

Jane: Yes! 🙂 Xoxo PS

Deliriously happy for no reason.  Started with appreciating dusk, enjoying picking up John, loving hearing the stories he told….So much to appreciate…Appreciating you and your deep caring…



Wonderful. Enjoy these quotes and helpful suggestions:


Letting go can feel so unnatural. We work hard for a promotion, a relationship, a new car, a vacation. Then the universe has the gall to come along and mess up our plans. How dare it! And so, rather than opening ourselves to the experiences that await us, we hold on to the plans that we made for ourselves. Or we hold on to bitterness about our plans going awry.  Sometimes losing our dreams and plans for our future can hurt as much as losing a tangible thing. Sometimes accepting and releasing our broken dreams is part of accepting a loss.  Let go of your expectations. The universe will do what it will. Sometimes your dreams will come true. Sometimes they won’t. Sometimes when you let go of a broken dream, another one gently takes its place. Be aware of what is, not what you would like to be, taking place.  Melody Beattie

This list of ways to bring oneself back to presence in the midst of difficulties and in the pleasures of daily life comes from Tara Brach.

She says we spend most of our time going to the next place and not living right now.. So how we come back to peace and awareness of our real life happens only NOW

Practice this:

l. Anchor awareness in your body, notice your breath, like a tiny moment of meditation.

2. Take these mini pauses in daily life. Pause and breathe for even only ten seconds and be sensory aware of your body. Do this whenever and/or in the following situations.

a. Pause and breathe before reacting to difficult situations..  only a few  seconds at a time is enough

b. Pause after making a judgment of someone’s else’s behavior, until noticing how judgments are about you and support your self esteem and not about them.

c. Pause and be gentle with yourself. Dont judge yourself for making judgments or having other negative feelings.

d. Pause whenever you feel annoyed or frustrated, or notice body aches etc. Dont justify your feelings or judge yourself. Just  notice and breathe.

e.Pause when something good happens, stop and take ten breaths and enjoy your pleasure

f. Pause and  sense the inner qualities in yourself and when in what circumstances they happen.

g. Pause and sense how you are with people and what  feels good to you about those connections.

h. Pause when you are neutral, not resisting or wanting something else. Notice this and enjoy.

3. Intention. Anchoring new habits starts with intention. Begin each day with TO BE list, along with a TO Do list. For example today I will pause often, or today I will smile at everyone I speak to.

4. Gratitude buddy. On a regular basis, exchange emails or tell  a friend what you were grateful for that day.

5. Walk whenever possible. Life slows down down with less doing and less speed..

6. Remember how you live today is how you live your life.

For the last 25 years the art of bringing truth awareness has been my passion. My commitment to you is to support your growing awareness of who you really are. Real change comes from knowing your true identity rather than identifying with your story or problem as if it WERE you. I can hardly wait to experience with you the dropping away of the blocks to pure awareness, and simply enjoy the peace that comes with trust in the next moment.


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