Guided Meditation

By on March 29, 2017

Your boyfriend is disappointed, and you feel so horrible that you would do anything not to face the feeling inside you. Try this meditation and feel the relief.


Start by relaxing the whole body, relax the head and the neck, allow the shoulders to drop down, open the chest and slightly pull up the back, relax the abdomen and lower back, the hips and legs.  Feel the feet. Bring the awareness into the body and feel the emptiness and spaciousness within.

Expand that awareness out becoming one with the universe.

Bring the awareness back to the body, calm and peaceful.  Open to the universe with reverence and appreciation and gratitude.  Let the universe nurture the heart with compassion and love.  Feel the flow of this expanded peaceful, joyful place inside.

Now, from this expanded place of awareness, watch the way you felt when your boy friend was disappointed. Rather than managing or trying to change the feeling of dissapoinment, you have to face this feeling now. Stop trying to manage and change and fix that feeling by making sure you never disappoint anyone. Notice how personal this feels. You think you ARE the feeling, when you are the watcher.

Often times, we self abandon in order to make others feel okay. The main thing is that you don’t disappoint yourself by leaving yourself for anyone else.  Feelings come and go and who you are doesn’t change, it stays the awareness. Identify as that awareness and notice what happens to the feeling.  Watch it dissolve as you dis-identify as it.  The glue that holds that identity in place can dissolve now.

Now from this perspective watch when your boyfriend is disappointed.  What is your response to him now?  You say,  Yes, I see you are disappointed.  You are finally able to have some compassion that is for him instead of making him feel better so you don’t have to feel a feeling.   Now that you faced that feeling you can replace it with love, compassion and trust that taking care of yourself is a safe thing to do.


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