Caroling Support Group

By on April 4, 2020

Hi Everybody,

Welcoming you to a Support group playfully named by some friends as, Caroling Support Group, hopefully every Saturday at 10:30 am till 12 or maybe 12:30. 

We will be using Zoom and here is a link to send a request to join.!forum/caroling/join

Then after I receive the request I will send confirmation.  Then you may send  $25 to my Venmo account if you decide to join that Saturday. Even if you are not sure which Saturday you want to participate in you could still send the request to get on the invite list. Then if you would send the $25 by 9 am on Saturday morning so I will know how many people will join each week.

Format will basically be a quick check in for those that want to and then we will start with building a Qi Field to relax and center. 

Feel free to ask questions about what pattern you are working on or a situation where support is welcomed, still following the flow of what is happening in that moment. You may send me a text with questions afterwards if you want also.

You will be able to mute yourself or if you want to participate with sound and/or video. 

Please share this email with new people by sending the link to those you feel could benefit. Group format is wonderful because there is so much to be learned from applying what is learned from others.

I can be reached by email, text, or website below in Signature.

Looking forward to being with you.

Love, Carol


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