Steps to Clearing Programming

By on March 11, 2016

Step one.

Identify notice feeling that took me away from calm.

Step two.

Ask what thought caused that feeling.

Heart fire 12718068_536146769893407_1716067065813711013_nStep three.

I’m a bother is the thought. (I have to do it right or I will die, I doubt, doubt doubt)

Step four.

Notice how destructive that thought is because it is the thought that caused the pressured feeling.

Step five.

I am willing to take full responsibility for that destructive thought instead of believing or responding to thought with a feeling.

Step six.

Dealing with it means to check if the feeling can still be elicited from the thought.

Go back and forth and tell no feeling can be.

Step seven.

Replace get Calm. Calm, centered natural is a replacement also trust trust trust relax complete.

Never doubt the results of your work simply know that it is good it is complete and it is done.



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