Inspired Support – E-Mail Conversations With Carol

Inspired Support – E-Mail Conversations With Carol

By on April 8, 2015

Candy: Well, lovely Carol, it’s kind of the same old story. Much to my surprise 🙂 I find myself once again battling that well-spring of WANTING, this time attached to a woman. That part truly a surprise to me. The difference…I’ve told my husband.  He, understandably, is going through a whole host of experiences, partly it is a re stimulation of past traumas, part is fear and many other things too.

Added note from Carol (This was his own messengers he needed to get the message.) Me, I am trying to stay present, trying to remember to release the wanting rather than feed the wanting with my very active mind.  It is a challenge, no doubt. So, there you go! One thing I’ve remembered often, “What if this is exactly what is supposed to be happening!” Added note from Carol (Everything happens exactly in the perfect way to recognize our reflections and bring freedom.) Would love your wisdom.

Carol: Okay, this is what is coming up to say as I get quiet and listen.  Interesting this is the 3d time this came up today, marveling at my own reflections.  Simply put, over stimulate, under stimulate. Both ways to avoid being Present. Retreat to your husband to control feelings of not feeling safe and under stimulate then move out to your lover that overstimulates to save you from boredom, provoke wanting to be loved and safe from an outside source. Notice the missing part of the equation. Presence with what is, and resting in the unknown and trusting the inside source. Switching back and forth keeps the story going, the story and egoic control of “Candy” the expression of the past and future.  This moment if allowed and gone through, there is stillness and contentment and satisfaction. That is the death of the game…… so to keep going is very seductive.  When you have had enough of the suffering then we stop. Feel the feeling that has been avoided, in this case fear of not being safe. Stop the game by being still and allowing the power of Presence to unwind the pattern and be Peace, that which you were looking for in the outside world that is here inside all along.

Candy: Okay, I would like to practice this allowing with you. Lets have a session soon.  What is a good time?


For the last 25 years the art of bringing truth awareness has been my passion. My commitment to you is to support your growing awareness of who you really are. Real change comes from knowing your true identity rather than identifying with your story or problem as if it WERE you. I can hardly wait to experience with you the dropping away of the blocks to pure awareness, and simply enjoy the peace that comes with trust in the next moment.


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