Young Living Valentines Day Specials

Young Living Valentines Day Specials

By on February 6, 2018

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and Sensation Oil is FREE this month for me and you!!

Young Living has the perfect promos for February – Love yourself, love your partner, love your kids and family with these freebies

SclarEssence Vitality 5ml: Extremely helpful during women’s menstrual cycles with cramps, PMS and even supports the circulatory system, too even during or after menopause.

Lavender Calming Bath Bombs: Infused with lavender oil, there isn’t just a hint of lavender but right when you open that bag you’re going to smell the aroma! These bath bombs will take your bath to the next level – like luxury spa

Sensation Essential OilV-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Perfect for this month to add some of your free sensation oil to and enjoy a massage

Patchouli 15 ml: It’s fabulous for your skin, add a drop of to your YL moisturizer at night and watch it do its magic with those fine lines. A drop on the back of the neck and I am  out. I love to diffuse this with some Orange and Frankincense!

Sensation Oil 5 ml: Amplifies feelings of experiencing new heights of self-awareness and expression. It is also a fabulous “perfume” replacement.


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