Relationship Remake

Interacting with ourselves or one another can feel frustrating.

We search for solutions to problems in our relationships tirelessly trying to make it feel right or work by endless communication efforts and continuing to try to convince someone else or ourselves to (love us right) to no avail.

Doesn’t it seem like the same problems come up time and time again and no matter how many times we talk it out we can’t find the solution to create the harmony and peace and connection we crave?

Hurt and wanting overtake any chance of happiness, and we are left feeling empty.

What if I were to tell you that these ‘problems’ are just our own programming replaying out scenario after scenario and we are looking for love and all solutions in all the wrong places?

What if I were to tell you the solution comes when we identify the root thought form in ourselves that create the unrest? This will change our relationships directly and there is hope to have the love, peace and harmony we have always wanted.

The most valuable use of this life for me is to support the real change of suffering into deep comfort.

Forget therapy and the constant rehashing of feeling and stories.  It only takes a second to identify a reactive moment to stop and reprogram repetitive, hitting head against the wall, ongoing struggle.

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