The True Self

Our First Session

The goal of our work is to reveal and transform the false self and reveal the True Self. Embracing, honoring the resisted parts will simply pave the road to clear disabling beliefs holding you back from reaching all your hopes and dreams—your natural state, your full potential. This will allow you to quickly dissolve life long debilitating patterns that keep repeating, over and over again. As faulty perceptions drop, you will recover your peace of mind, reaching your natural state of imperturbability, strength and confidence.

My work is based on the assumption that joy is our natural state of being and that all suffering comes from resisting what is, and false programming we mistake for who we are. The purpose of the process is to discover the divinity within oneself and learn to be free from the past memories that hinder your happiness in the present moment.

Work-Life Stress

Find a balance between self care and responsibility. Learn how striving actually hinders and slows down progress.


Heal the deep sadness that holds you hostage.

Unanswered Questions

Experience real change and drop your old identity. With only a few sessions, you can learn to discover the more you want, the less you get. Through your willingness to challenge the minds insistence on pushing to get what you want, you can learn by letting go that it is naturally yours. Allow me to show you how to give up quickly old programs that have stubbornly held you hostage, and you will be able to command your environment with your power of center.

Holding On

A Sufi teaching story tells of the man who visited a great mystic to find out how to let go of his chains of attachment and his prejudices. Instead of answering him directly, the mystic jumped to his feet and bolted to a nearby pillar, flung his arms around it, grasping the marble surface as he screamed, “Save me from this pillar! Save me from this pillar!”

The man who had asked the question could not believe what he saw. He thought the mystic was mad. The shouting soon brought a crowd of people.

“Why are you doing that?” the man asked. “I came to you to ask a spiritual question because I thought you were wise, but obviously you are crazy. You are holding the pillar, the pillar is not holding you. You can simply let go.”

The mystic let go of the pillar and said to the man, “If you can understand that, you have your answers. Your chains of attachment are not holding you, you are holding them. You can simply let go.” – Author Unknown