Forget Therapy! Simple, direct way to move from repetitive pain to long lasting peace

Carol Small, Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, Teacher

Carol Small – Alchemist & Life Guide for individuals, couples and groups.

Carol Small has an eclectic background and has studied many modalities during her 30 years in the health field. She is known for her work with patterns, her work with couples, groups and individuals. She has an amazing talent for listening first to the issue described as a problem and helping people see the pattern creating the repetitive cycle. She teaches us about the patterns we face, and then gently guides us to face and replace, creating a more harmonious existence.

Carol is a Ren Xue teacher which includes Yuan Gong and Ming Medicine.

“Adding this knowledge to my work with patterns has contributed to helping my clients in a much more profound way.” – Carol

Carol Small is now offering group work.

Learn how to verifiably change your old habits or programming that no longer serves you.  This isn’t just a way to understand yourself more or get support for your feelings, this is a real way to make your life just the way you dream it could be. Learn More

Do your thoughts create fear and worry?

Has therapy or spiritual practice only taken you so far?
Is resisting what is taking it’s toll?

What if it is true it is not your fault but 100% your responsibility to clear old memory and data by just pressing the delete button.

For the last 30 years, my growing passion has been the art of transformation, self-awareness, inner and outer connection and peace.

“Carol, thank you for the light you shine into the dark places in such an adventurous, fun and completely bearable way”

Take a moment to just reflect on how much time is spent with being full swing into looking for a solution to the problematic moment. Getting ahead of ourselves rushing to the next attempt at fixing our problematic lives or simply looking for the next high not even realizing it is an attempt to fix an empty feeling deep inside we don’t even stop to identify.  Just continue running to avoid and solve. Override becomes interpreted as normal life. We think this activity or this person will head off the loneliness that may swallow us up if we stop and don’t fill every moment with attempts to solve a sense of separateness.  These attempts at solving….these so called solutions are the definition of addictive behavior.  The love we lust after, the activities that drive us. What if we knew these solutions were not the SOLUTION at all?  Do we even know we are driven to control every feeling by filling our lives with one thing after the next that causes more problems than solve?

This striving keeps us ignorant of the fact that we are not these patterns. When we can see them as patterns and not who we are we can restructure  our lives in a way that doesn’t cause ongoing stress and suffering.

butterfly17This takes courage but when we relax deeply during a very strong feeling, and face it, stop it dead in its tracks and stop indulging in the repetitive, seductive quality, it releases the glue that holds the feeling in place, allowing the story or situation that was attached to the feeling to dissolve back into its true nature… nothingness. Then we can see the truth of the moment untainted by the past and imagined future.

The challenge then becomes how do we relax deeply when we default into gripping onto or against, wishing the strong feeling would go away?

Who we are is more than a feeling, a thought or a memory. When we experience that a feeling, a thought or a memory is that which rests on us, the awareness gives that courage to stop habitual, pain producing feelings and scenarios and brings peace.

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“Become conscious of being conscious. Say or think “I am”, and add nothing to it. Be aware of the stillness that follows the “I am”. Sense your presence, the naked unveiled, unclothed beingness. It is untouched by young or old, rich or poor, good or bad, or any other attributes. It is the spacious womb of all creation, all form.” -Ramana Maharshi